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Allard Bijlsma is a former director at DRP, a company known for developing the educational software WinToets and Quayn[1][2][3]. He is currently the owner and director of opdendrieberg, a company that develops online tests for geography education and writes books on digital testing[1][4]

WinToets is a learning and testing system developed by DRP, a company that is known for its educational software[1][2]. The system has been used extensively by educational institutions such as Het Noorderpoort and Het Hout- en Meubileringscollege[1][3]. However, the focus has shifted towards DRP's cloud-based educational software, Quayn[1][3].

Quayn is a cloud-based online testing and examination platform developed in the Netherlands[1][2][3]. It is designed for educational institutions, exam offices, and businesses in various industries, including government and healthcare[2][3]. Quayn allows users to create online assessments for students or employees to aid online learning. The platform provides features such as test creation, auto-check, instant feedback, learning analytics, and question banks[1]Allard Bijlsma, the former director of DRP,  was involved in the development of  WinToets and Quayn[1][3].

Opdendrieberg is a company owned and directed by Allard Bijlsma that develops online tests for geography education and writes books on digital testing[1]. The company has been active since 2016[2]. The company also provides training for Quayn, Dugga and other testing programs and offers a large number of example questions for teachers to use[3][4].

Allard Bijlsma from Ede has various hobbies, including photography, (virtual) travelling, music and documentaries[1]. In addition, he has made the Atlas van Ede , a digital business card of Ede with thousands of photos, explanations of Ede projects and an encyclopaedia of Ede.

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